advertising for amazon sellers

optimal results or we slay our fees.


Perpetua vs. Liz's methodology



  • Start with ~50 keywords

  • Modify bids based on performance

  • Boost top performers

  • Do keyword harvesting regularly

  • No "Test" & "Proven" campaign breakouts

  • The Broad/Phrase/Exact breakouts are done at the Ad Group Level instead of at the Campaign Level

  • Look-back windows (7 days vs 14 days)

  • How we figure out new bid (not based on CPC)

Pros of Perpetua

  • Integrated tACOS view

  • Can quickly create Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns

  • Can be adapted closer to PLM/Liz methodology

  • Day-parting optimizations are quite easy to implement

Cons of Perpetua

  • Pricey for new sellers

  • Less flexible in terms of campaign setup

  • Sometimes the platform doesn't have full functionalities for newly released features

How can we partner up?

  • Work together to create the Sponsored Brands & Sponsored Campaigns course modules that are missing

  • Get & stay involved in the community as the PPC expert and run monthly live streams

  • Create a new advanced PPC section on "Automation & Efficiency" where we teach them how to use Perpetua & custom dashboards if they want to save time and effort, while getting great results

  • Present a fantastic offer for students to leverage Perpetua on a semi-self-service way, where they would...

    1) save money (vs what Perpetua charges)
    2) have someone oversee their campaigns
    3) provide them with Slayy Digital Dashboards

  • For those who want full service + external search, bring them on as a client

how would the economics work





Self-Service Includes: Optimization support, custom dashboard

Done-With-You Includes: Full setup & management by Slayy Digital for 3 months for $1,000/mo. and then self-service.

Full-Service Includes: Full setup & management by Slayy Digital for Amazon PPC & Search Campaigns. Pricing varies depending on size.

Special Self-Service pricing only for PLM students

what's in it for PLM?

PLM gets commission of:
1% of all student spend on a self-service & done-with you model, and 2% of all student spend on full-service model.

Note: Target would be to have 100 students on a self-service / done-for-you models and 10-15 on a full service model.

PLM gets PPC community support
Ideally, compensated as a PLM coach

PLM gets additional course content
Ideally, compensated as content contributor