advertising for amazon sellers

optimal results or we slay our fees.

We leverage machine learning & aggressive optimizations to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We're so good at delivering results, that we'll waive our retainer fees if we don't meet our agreed-upon performance goals.

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our guarantee

we're so confident we can improve your results, that
we'll waive our retainer any month we don't meet your performance goal

our clients include...

how we do it

  1. First, we perform advanced keyword research to identify best opportunities to deliver performance and increase sales​

  2. Then, we create 5-6 campaigns per product with multiple creatives, placements and match types

  3. Optimize campaigns regularly, adjusting bids manually and using machine learning, to improve performance and achieve goals

our pricing model

Transparency is inherent in everything we do. Pricing is no exception. So here are our exact fees based on the size of your business.

get'n big

starting out

out'ta control

  • Setup Fee: $500

  • Retainer: $500 per Month

  • Tech Fee: 5% of ad spend

  • Setup Fee: $1,000

  • Retainer: $1,000 per Month

  • Tech Fee: 5% of ad spend

  • Setup Fee: $2,000

  • Retainer: $2,000 per Month

  • Tech Fee: 5% of ad spend

1 to 5 Products

6 to 10 Products

10-20 Products*

Oh, and did we mention that we have a no b.s. performance guarantee? If we don't meet mutually agreed upon performance goals (ACOS or tACOS), you don't pay the retainer for that month. It's that simple.

* For sellers with more than 20 products, we will discuss a custom fee based on the size and complexity.

meet the founder

With almost 10 years of experience in the digital marketing space, 5 of which include Amazon Advertising, Jason has a true passion for delivering results for his clients.

He has worked with a great variety of clients in the digital marketing space, including some of the world's most recognizable brands, large multinationals, household brands, and successful Amazon sellers in the most competitive niches.

But Jason realized that all too often, agencies claim to deliver performance but assume none of the consequences for poor performance. So he started Slayy Digital to put his money where his mouth is and offer a fee structure that has consequences when performance is not delivered.

Jason Porras
Slayy Digital Founder