driving external traffic to Amazon


quick overview

Let's explore the untapped potential of driving external search traffic to your Amazon listings, specifically through Google Ads.

Today you'll learn:

  • when and why to implement this strategy

  • why it can be so effective?

  • how to actually implement it, with maximum impact

  • Q&A (please hold questions until then)

why does amazon love this kind of traffic?

What's not to love?

  • brings them new customers and/or new-to-brand customers

  • Signals buyer intent (over sites like IG or FB)

  • It saves them money (they don’t have to invest money in bringing these customers)


a short bit about me

  • 10 years in the digital advertising space

  • Amazon seller since 2018

  • PLM student since 2020

  • Built 2 seven-figure brands

  • Structured them to run themselves

  • Moved to Mallorca, Spain

Jason Porras
Founder of Slayy Digital

  • Started a passion project to connect with and help other Amazon Sellers become more profitable through a performance-first PPC agency managing on and off-Amazon advertising

who is this for &
when to implement

Type ...


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what we do

a laptop screen with a picture of a fish in the water
a laptop screen with a picture of a fish in the water

ai-driven amazon

search-driven external traffic

Unlike most agencies who use manual campaign setup and optimize every few weeks, if you're lucky, we leverage machine learning and aggressive manual optimizations to deliver outstanding Amazon PPC results for our clients.

We blend unparalleled Amazon PPC management, with search-driven external traffic to boost your overall sales.

Beyond Amazon, we amplify your presence by leveraging search campaigns to drive targeted external traffic straight to your Amazon listings, enhancing visibility and boosting overall sales. Learn More.


our "nobody does this" guarantee

If we don’t hit your tACOS target, we won't bill our monthly retainer. It's as straightforward as that. We stand behind our commitment, ensuring that if we don't deliver, we don't get paid.

And the best part? This process is automated... you won't have to chase or request it; we ensure complete transparency and ease for you.

It's that simple.